Turkey 2010 - Majestic Hotel, Olu Deniz (End of April)

Around the hotel pool
Majestic Hotel dining area
Hotel pool
The beach at Olu Deniz
Paragliders coming down onto the beach at Olu Deniz
A thunderstorm is brewing
Another Paraglider coming in to land on the beach
Breakfast around the pool
Deserted beach visited on a boat trip
Boat trip
Dare I go down this?
Crystal clear waters around Olu Deniz
The Blue Lagoon in Olu Deniz doesn't look too blue in this photo of the fish
A family of ducks ...
...to keep us amused
I spy with my little eye...
...its the ducks again
Fish in Olu Deniz's Blue Lagoon
Saklikent gorge
Rather fast flowing in April
Trout Farm at Yakapark
Trout swimming round the bar
Lunch at Yakapark
Now this is the life!
A wild Tortoise walking along the side of the road


Patio Hotel, Dalyan (End of June and again in August)

Down the river on the Erincik caves boat trip
Heading for open seas
We have to get through this narrow bit of water
Single file
Now in the open sea - this is Hole Island (can you see the hole?)
Away in the distance are the caves
Oh dear, looks like we brought the rain from England
Half an hour of utter downpour, flooded streets and then the sun comes out again
Rain can be fun when you know the sun will come out again in a few minutes
Outside our hotel
With Ahmed and Gonzales
Ahmed and Gonzales with Diane
Ahmed's birthday
Ahmed with his birthday cake

Kaptan June
(kitten's tale)

Down at Iztuzu Beach, visiting the Turtle hospital
Iztuzu Beach
The view out to sea from the Turtle Hospital
More of that view
Kaptan June's barak
This Loggerhead Turtle (caretta caretta) is in the Turtle Hospital due to damage to his shell caused by the propeller of a boat, and damage to his flipper caused by fishing line.
This turtle had to have his flipper amputated after getting it tangled in fishing wire.
When we visited in June, this turtle was unconscious due to being hit by a boat. He had a really nasty dent on his head. Thankfully, this time he seems to be recovering and is now conscious. You can still see the dent on his head if you look carefully.
The turtles receive a lot of really nasty injuries from fishing line and hooks as well as getting into accidents with the many boats running up and down the river.
Swimming in the lake on a boat trip to Koycegiz and the Sultaniye Thermal Spring
Ahhh, our last night and they have made us a special table
Be back again next year, I am sure!!!