Turkey 2007 - Konak Melsa Boutique Hotel, Dalyan

Start as you mean to go on...sleep!
Leaving town on a boat
Along an endless meandering river
Ancient tombs carved into the rocks
What a way to keep the customers cool at this restaurant - let them sit with their feet in cold water....
but it is extremely cold!
Happier now the feet are out of the water
Instead of looking round the market lets pose in front of a statue
Along to the lake for a swim
That's better!
Is it time for lunch?
Dive in before someone takes your photo
Mud bath...what a good idea
Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood
This is what we would look like as statues
Lovely peaceful beach
Hardly a soul in sight
either way
Off to see if the water is warm enough for a swim
Yes, the water is warm
Hey! No photos please
Pause for thought
Off on that boat again
Past the tombs
Along the river
This time heading the other way
Out to sea
Through this narrow channel
Looking for somewhere to snorkel
This is the life!
Past the lighthouse
Time for some fishing, serious business
Until you make a catch
Ah this looks like a good spot for lunch
Picnic on the beach
Back on the open seas
And heading home
Time for food
and a drink
The hotel from the pool
The pool
the best place to be
cool and relaxing
Cup of tea?
The sun is in my eyes
What another tea???
The pool all to yourself