New York 2006 - Chelsea Star Hotel, Manhattan
Statue of Liberty in the distance
View from Empire State Building
New York Squirrel!!
Looking up the Empire State Building
Merry outside Nevada Smiths! (Maybe pished!)
Trying to walk straight
Socialising with the enemy!
Don't touch what you can't afford (Biatch)
Smokin' (manhole)
Macys at Thanksgiving
Same again
Which one's Jenny?
Hill Street Blues!
Stake out at the Diner
We didn't realise the Statue of Liberty was so small.
You need to test the fire escapes
It's a long way down inside the Empire State Building
Serious business this.
Lots of these
its the only
sightseeing we did!
Times Square
Empire State again...but at night
Random architecture
another tall building
hmmm..Empire State building again?
All this sight seeing makes you want to jump
Could this be a dalek?