Over the last few weeks I have had a lovely peaceful life living with Lois in Dalyan. This is my house, isn't it lovely!

I spend most of my time in the bedroom where it is cool and dark, but surprise, surprise, the other day I had some visitors!

Yes, Anthony and Jenny came back to visit me, just as they said they would.

They came to lunch with Lois and me. They got to our house on the bus with Zoe, a friend who lives in Dalyan.

We were joined shortly afterwards by Kaptan June and her friend James. So it was another lovely social lunchtime gathering, just like last time they were here.

While they were there they called the vet and asked him to come and visit me because I still seem to have a little trouble with my legs not being very straight. We think this is because I was a little malnourished when I was smaller.

You can perhaps see in the picture above that I tend to crouch rather than stand up tall.

When the vet came he gave me three really nasty injections which I think were mainly vitamins. It was probably the worse thing I have ever experienced and I am so glad it's over now. I nearly died of fright and had to be taken indoors afterwards to hide under Lois's bed until my heart settled back to normal. Thank goodness that is over and done with, although I do have some special vitamin medicine to take for a while too. I hate vets and medicine!

Eventually I came out of hiding and joined all my visitors who were having lunch. In these pictures above you can see Kaptan June, Lois, Zoe, Anthony and Jenny. James was there too but was hiding behind the camera when these pictures were taken!

This picture is of my friend "No Name". He has just sort of adopted Lois too. Because she doesn't own him, Lois doesn't know what his name is and so, when June asked her what he was called, she replied "No Name" and it's stuck! He is rather nice, for a dog! He does like to be the centre of attention though and insisted on having his photograph taken as well. In fact, I am surprised he didn't get his face in on more of the photos. He must be slipping!

After the ordeal with the vet, I did get loads of love and attention but I was still rather frightened that someone else would come and stick needles into me. Zoe gave me some cream cheese which I managed to get onto my nose, as you can probably see from some of these photographs. Despite the fact that I still like to sit with my tongue sticking out, I couldn't quite manage to lick it off, or was it that I was too busy looking around...in case that nasty vet came again!

I was sorry to see everyone go but after all that excitement it was good to get back to peace and quiet with just Lois, me and No Name. June and Zoe will no doubt visit me soon since they live nearby and I hope to see Anthony and Jenny again next year, maybe Paul and Zoe will visit too at some point.


You can contact Anthony and Jenny via their email here