This is the story of my kitten adventures. I am probably about 4 weeks old and at the moment I have greyish tabby fur with blue eyes, and I like to stick my tongue out a lot.

If you click on the pictures of me you will get a close up!

One day I found myself sitting outside the Patio Hotel in Dalyan at breakfast time. I don't know how I came to be there but there didn't seem to be anyone looking after me for some reason.

I sat there in the morning looking around and wondering why I was there and what I should do next. A nice Turkish lady spotted me and pointed me out to some other people staying at the hotel.

Everyone seemed to think I was very cute and someone gave me a little bit of milk. I quite liked that although I wasn't really sure how to drink it. I certainly hadn't practised drinking from a bowl as far as I could remember. Then a man came along with a bit of bread soaked in milk, this was easier because I could sort of suck the milk from the bread.

Because I had some food now a lot of other cats popped round to see me. I was hoping my mum would be there but for some reason she didn't come.

The people who were looking at me all wandered off since they were on their holiday and had things to do. Most seemed to think my mum would be along soon so I just sat there and waited for her. I was a bit hot.

Eventually some of the people that had seen me there that morning came back to the hotel and saw me still sitting there waiting patiently. They seemed to be very worried and so some people called Anthony and Jenny took me to their room and they gave me some watery milk. They got a loaf of bread too so that I could have soggy bread again, which was becoming my favourite, although I must admit I had a go at eating the crusty bit of the bread too! It was bigger than I was!

Some other people called Paul and Zoe were just as worried about me and so they went to the Vet's house to see if there was somewhere I could go to be looked after until I grew up. Unfortunately there wasn't but they bought me loads of food back so I had my first taste of proper cat food which, I have to say, I rather liked. At first I was only allowed it with watery milk mixed in but when I showed them all I could manage to suck and chew it on my own I was allowed to carry on. I got through quite a bit.

These people that were looking after me were really worried about what would happen to me when they had to go home after their holiday and if there would be other people who would carry on looking after me and feeding me because I was still too small to manage on my own. They were thinking of all sorts of ideas like buying lots of food for me and asking other people at the hotel to carry on feeding me but really that was a bit risky because they couldnt be sure that I wouldn't just be left to manage on my own. They had a look on the internet to see how difficult it would be to take me home with them but apparently I would have had to spend 6 months on my own in a quarantine centre. I don't think I would have managed very well.

Then Zoe had a brain wave while in the shower. I have heard that humans often have moments like this in the shower. She remembered that in Dalyan there is a lady called Kaptan June, who set up a hospital for Turtles on Iztuzu Beach. She is a remarkable lady who was so concerned that the beach where the turtles breed was going to be destroyed when the area was developed for tourism, that she campaigned long and hard and finally managed to make the beach a protected area for the turtles and other wildlife. Zoe had noticed that there seemed to be a number of other cats near the hospital so suggested to Anthony and Jenny that they see if she knew of someone who would look after me.

That night Anthony and Jenny made me a bed out of the box their kettle came in with a tshirt inside to keep me cosy. I rather like little boxes to sleep in. They let me sleep in their room that night so that I wasn't alone and then the next morning they went off to look for Kaptan June. They took the Dolmus to the beach and, as luck would have it, Kaptan June was just arriving in her ancient VW Beetle with her friend Lois as they walked up to the hospital.

They spoke to Kaptan June and told her my story.

Kaptan June really loves all animals and so she was ready to help even though she had never met Anthony and Jenny before. She knew that her friend Lois was also a kind lady and would look after me when these other people had to go home. Kaptan June said she would come to their hotel that evening to pick me up and take me to Lois's house. They asked Kaptan June and Lois to have dinner with them at their hotel because they couldnt believe they had met someone so kind, but also incredibly interesting. They found out that Kaptan June had even written some books about her work and her life. They bought a copy of these books and Kaptan June signed them.

Anthony and Jenny knew that Paul and Zoe would be going to the beach too that morning so they waited for them to arrive so that they could tell them the good news and that Zoe's idea had turned out to be brilliant. Paul and Zoe were just as excited as they were at the news and at the prospect of having dinner with June and Lois.

That afternoon though I had to get a little cleaned up. I was very mucky from having lived outside on my own for a while so I had to have a rinse in warm water from under the tap. That was a bit weird and I'm not sure if I liked it or not but being wrapped up and dried afterwards was bliss. Trouble is, they spotted that I had a lot of fleas when my fur was all wet so they went to the Vets house and got some special kitten medicine to get rid of the fleas, which were making me itch a lot anyway. This meant I got to spend the afternoon on the balcony so the fleas wouldnt jump off into their suitcases or the hotel room. I rather fancied leaping off the balcony to see what was down there but I wasnt allowed so I had my tummy tickled instead which was quite nice now that it was all fluffy instead of matted and dirty like it had been before.

That evening when Kaptan June and Lois arrived at the Patio Hotel for dinner and to take me to my new home, everyone was very excited at meeting such lovely ladies and had a very good time. Unfortunately Paul and Zoe had to go just as I was leaving for my new home but I seem to be getting more and more friends as the days go by. Although I will miss them I don't think I will be lonely now.

In the picture above from left to right are Paul, Zoe, Lois, Jenny, Kaptan June, Anthony

June and Lois said they would get in touch with Anthony and Jenny to let them know how I was settling in before they had to leave to go home at the end of the week. The next morning June popped round to their hotel to invite them to visit me at Lois's on the day they were leaving. Anthony and Jenny were still getting up when June arrived (I suppose they were being lazy because they were on holiday) and one of the other guests at the hotel, who also cared about me and my story, called out "Yer cat lady's here" which got their attention. So June arranged to pick them up in her car and bring them to my new home the next day.

It was lovely to see them again. When they arrived I was asleep in my new little cardboard box on the window sill in Lois's bedroom. Did I tell you I like cardboard boxes? The smaller the better. I think they thought I looked like an kitten ornament for minute. They got me up though and I sat on their laps while they had lunch. I even got a bit of chicken which was good. There were some other people there as well who all wanted to hold me, apparently it's because I am so cute. It seems like I have a lot of people to look after me at the moment and I have been very lucky which is why they are thinking of calling me Lucky Luke.

Anthony and Jenny said they will come back in a few weeks and visit me, which will be lovely, although I may not recognise them because, looking at my new home, I can see I will be very busy exploring. It is the puurrrfect place to live if you are a cat, a big garden with lots of places to hide and explore and kind people to look after me.


You can contact Anthony and Jenny via their email here