THE GAMBIA 2009 -Palma Rima Hotel, South Koti

We may have gone by coach, but no such luxury for the suitcases - they went on this!
Peaceful evenings on our verandah
Pool and bar area
Anthony swimming (Where's wally?)
Inside our spacious accommodation
This is our accommodation
On our way to Banjul Market in an up market Taxi
Eddie Stobbart, Gambia style
The Atlantic Ocean
Our Taxi driver
Banjul High Street, market day
Senegal National Park - Zebra
Pregnant Rhino and Mate
Rhino again
Buffalo again
More Buffalo
Our 4 wheel drive Safari transport
Dusty road from Gambia to Senegal
Our Ferry across the Gambia River
Banjul Ferry Port
Gambia to Senegal border crossing
Gambian village
Dusty road from Senegal back to Gambia
Location, location, location
Moving house with the kids
Friendly monkeys
One hiding in a tree
Hoping for some nuts
Coconuts in the wild
No sunglasses for me thanks
Termite mound
Queuing for Peanuts
Baby monkey
Have you got anything else?
Elusive redder monkey
I'm watching you
Social grooming
Insert your own caption
This baby wasn't sure which bit to eat
Peter, our guide
Please, please, can I have a nut?
Please don't go...
Roll on, roll off ferry